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Here are some frequently asked questions.

Is there a minimum amount of money that I would need in order to start today?

The minimum amount is the monthly membership fee of $997. The recommendations we give out are for educational purposes only. If you start to invest your own money in these recommendations, you should make sure that you are not dependent on that money, as you could potentially lose it all.

How much return on investment (ROI) can I expect?

In financial markets there is no certainty. We therefore cannot guarantee you a specific return on your investment. Based on our results so far, we do believe it is possible to make 20% (ROI) per quarter. This number may vary widely based on the individual decisions you make on what to buy, when to buy and when to sell. If you follow what you have learned there is a good chance for you to make profits. But there never is a guarantee.

I did not get in on an alert in time. Now it is more expensive than the target-in price. Should I still buy it?

In general we do not recommend getting in a paper portfolio position above the target price that we suggest.

Should I put all my money in one paper portfolio position?

Holding more than one paper portfolio position will allow you to diversify and thereby reduce your risk. It is therefore wise to have an investing budget sufficient to take different positions.

Do you provide learning resources?

We have assembled a list of educational videos [in the members area], and we recommend that you watch them. These videos will teach you the basics of options trading. We may provide additional resources in the future.

What time do we meet for the Sunday Webinars?

Our Sunday Webinars are at 01:00 PM Central Standard Time US. A Zoom link will be shared via email and also posted in our Slack channel prior to the meeting.

Is there a referral reward?

For every new member you bring to the club you will be rewarded $150. This reward will be paid once the new member enters their third month of membership or after their third payment. In the event that they choose the yearly plan the reward is given to you immediately.

I am from Europe and do not have access to robinhood.com. Which brokerage (trading platform) do you recommend?

Any platform that allows you to follow and potentially trade the position we recommend will be sufficient. Many of our European members use ibkr.com.

How much time do I need to invest each week?

How much time you want to spend depends on how quickly you want to grow in both skill and wealth. If you do not want to invest too much of your time, you will be fine attending the Sunday market updates and keeping an eye on the recommendations.

How many paper portfolio alerts are published each week?

The amount of paper portfolio alerts published per week can vary. We only give out paper portfolio alerts of which we are certain to be profitable over time.

A paper portfolio position from another day is cheaper today. Should I buy it?

In many cases you may be able to get in on a paper portfolio position for a bargain. However, the positions are very timely and there may be new information connected to that paper portfolio position.

Will you tell me when to sell?

Only very rarely do we give out paper portfolio alerts to sell. Deciding when to sell is dependent on your personal risk horizon, your liquidity, your expectation of the paper position you are holding and whether or not you have a better alternative to invest in. According to these indicators you should choose an exit point. Do not forget, though, that nobody ever goes broke taking profits!

Will you teach me how to do this myself?

Our aim is to educate you to make informed and confident investment decisions. However, we do not provide you with specific formulas or models that help you to evaluate a company. If you attend our meetings attentively and apply what you have learned, you will quickly grow in skill and confidence.

I missed the Sunday Webinar. Where can I find the recording?

All our Sunday Webinars are recorded. You can access them in the Members Area.

Is there a brokerage (trading platform) that you recommend for trading?

Any platform that allows you to follow and potentially trade the position we recommend will be sufficient. robinhood.com has been proven to be very intuitive and useful. Robinhood is the only platform at the moment that charges zero fees for trading options.

I have some technical questions. Can you help me with this?

We always do our best to answer any questions that you may have. We have also compiled an overview of basic learning materials in the Members Area. You can also refer to our Slack community and ask your questions there.