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See what trades we’re making. Learn and invest
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Join a community of investors that helps everyday people trade stocks for income
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Monthly market insights to maximize profit

Testimonials What Our Members Say

Sold my MRNA Call today for 242% profit. It’s the longest I’ve ever held anything as I’ve held it since May 20th! Bought at 32.5 and Sold for 111.10. $7,860 profit. This last week put me over 400% for the year, turned $10,000 into $50,000 in 8 months.

Daniel Nelson

Sold XLC $85 calls for 514% (profit)

Michael Rivera

Sold 20 shares of MRNA for 800% profit
Still holding 15 shares

Ryan B

SOLD JPM at 108% profit. Wasn’t planning to sell anything so soon, but the moment seemed right to start a little cash pile.

Madelana Ferrara

Sold my AJRD positions for around 250% profit


Sold all XLY contracts for 66%

Nahom Abegaze

Sold 2 $310 6/18/21 PYPL for 300% just shy of 30 days. First sale! Wohoo!

Jessica Link

nice! sold some of them as well for 440% profit

Johannes Felix



Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results, and the results presented are NOT TYPICAL, and should not be understood as typical, of Investing Buzz subscribers. Actual results will vary widely given a variety of factors such as experience, skill, risk mitigation practices, market dynamics and the amount of capital deployed.

Sold PYPL $310 for 97% profit. My first sale!


Sold 4 C $75 calls 115% profit

Gwei Zee

I bought some pltr shares a few weeks ago and they are doing really well

Ryan Lee

Sold HSBC $23 calls for 95% profit


Sold XLF 25 call for 104%


Sold TSM 1/2022 for 100%

Olivia S

Sold JPM $140 call for 115% today… this brings my total gain average to 127% in 80 days. I’m sleeping well, thank you

Ricky Ji

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